Dear All

Now That you have achieved Happiness in Life its time to spread the same happiness to the not so privileged.

You to be a Ambassador of Happiness with me by extending your helping hand to the not so privileged and deserving.

I am concerned and believe; you can make a difference and bring back the smiles & happiness.

My vision is to extend this sewa to every such single child, all over India. Towards this, I seek your invaluable contribution. It is not the size that will matter; it is your heartfelt participation and support that will certainly bring back the radiance in their lives. I wish you to offer these helpless kids your hand and make them capable of standing on their own. 

Yes, I’m on a mission to spread the message of love & meditation all over the world for creating a new humanity with sound body, sound mind & self realization that would live a life filled with everlasting inner happiness & bliss while simultaneously enjoying the fruits of worldly prosperity & riches.

I wholeheartedly invite you to join me in this endeavor through your contributions.

Ambassador of Happiness

-Sakshi Shree